Are you looking for a solution of “BANNED FOR PROHIBITED BEHAVIOR” in Rules of Survival Game then you are in the right place.Rules of Survival is the latest game by Netease. Many users want to play this game.And many of getting error Banned for Prohibited Behavior in ROS So today I am here to provide you the solution, How to play again Rules of Survival after banning by NetEase.Also, Check Rules of Survival for Pc.
banned from game

Rules of Survival Game Introduction:

Rules of Survival is game which is developed by the NetEase.This ROS game is released for Android, iPhone and Windows devices.This game download 5 million plus.There are many players who are playing this game.This is adventure action game.After starting the game you need to find Guns for fighting.You can also swim in this game you can also use a car in this game.In ROS Game, 120 Players will air dropped in a vast, deserted island.In starting of Rules of Survival Game, You will be unarmed, You need to find guns fast.Also, Check Download ROS Android APK.

Why User is Banning in Rules of Survival:

There are many reasons for banning the user in this ROS game.When you are ban then game show “Banned for Prohibited Behavior” Reason are Given below.

  1. If you using cheats then you are banned.
  2. NetEase also bans if you are using Mods in ROS Game.
  3. If you are using any hack then you also ban.
  4. If you use different-different IP address then you ban.
  5. Players with “toxic” behavior may also be banned from the game.

How to Unbanned from the Rules of Survival Game:

You can unban or retrieve your account by Sending Email the Rules of Survival Team [email protected] they will get your name and Server.They can Retrieve your account by reply ” If u use other programmes in the game u are gonna get ban for using Third-party programmes.  Next  time  don’t use those programmes and wait for dev  to make game  fullscreen .”

Keep things in Mind When you Play Game Again:

  • So Don’t use ShiftWindow.
  • Don’t Use the third Programme tool to this Game.
  • Don’t use any Cheat, Hack and any Mod.

So if you have any problems then contact us I will help you.If you like our article the shareit with your friends I hope your Friends Will also like our article.If you are getting problem How to Play ROS on Mac then follow our article.

[Solved] Banned for Prohibited Behavior Error | Rules of Survivals
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  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    I’m trying to log into my account and the message “Banned for
    Prohibited Behaviour” is appearing and I’m unable to login! I am
    writing to validate that the utilization of Automation Software
    occurred on my account by my brother, he has recently revealed this
    information to me as I was completely unaware and very enraged to hear
    that he has been using my account without my knowledge… however I
    only have myself to blame.

    Clearly I have exchanged words with my brother explaining that what he
    did was wrong and that he can never use my account again because this
    leaded to the closure of my account in which I am greatly upset about,
    being able to play this amazing game brings me great joy and I wish to
    continue to that by gaining access to my account to be able to play

    I take full responsibly of my account and that my own laziness has
    lead to this but I hope to be able to be given a chance to play again.

    Vishal kulhari

    User detail:
    Username:- Dexter2498
    Platform:- Windows pc
    Server:- Pc-Asia

  2. Me too help me unbanned my account I promise that I wont use any third-party programme for this game again
    User detail
    Username:- ßHopiangßHaponß
    Platform:- Windows pc
    Server:- Pc-Asia

  3. Good Day.

    I am a player of ROS recently and after i reached the GOLD rank, i was banned because of prohibited behavior, but i did not even do something. I need help please in suggesting of unbanning my char. It surprised me because I was banned suddenly as I logged in this morning. please do something, i was use on public computer.

    iGN: KevzMrBee

    Asia Server (Banned)


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