Are you want to Play Rules of Survival online then you are in the Right place.From our site, you can play ROS Online free. RULES OF SURVIVAL! This is a Battle Royale mobile Phone game that has favored by 80 million of players worldwide.This Game is Released for Android, iPhone, and Windows.If you want to play Rules of Survival io Games then You can Play Rules of Survival online by Clicking on play Button.Also, Check Download ROS for Windows.
rules of survival online

Rules of Survival Introduction:

ROS Game is developed by the NetEase in November 2017.And in 2018 Rules of Survival become very popular worldwide.ROS is a Multiplayer Adventure, Shooting Game.In this Game You will be one out of 120 unarmed players who get air dropped into a vast, deserted island. Only the last one survives. In this Game, there was a three mode select the mode which is suitable for you.First, find the guns for the mission than your survival mission start.In this game you can also play ros alone if you want to play with team then its your choice.Want to Download Rules of Survival APK.

How to Play Rules of Survival Online:

You can easily play ROS Online with Mouse and Keyboard.Without mouse, you will get a problem like shot & Punch etc.With Keyboard, you can move here and there.

  • Move Forward  -> W
  • Move Left        ->  A
  • Move Right      -> D
  • Move Back       -> S
  • Punch & Shoot -> Left Mouse Click
  • Swap Weapons  ->  1 and 2
  • Stow Weapons (Punch Mode) -> 3 or E
  • Reload              ->    R
  • Scope Zoom     ->   Scroll Wheel or Click on Zoom
  • Pickup/Loot      ->   F
  • Use Medical Item ->  Left-Click on Item
  • Drop Item       ->  Right-Click on Item
  • Cancel Action   -> X
  • View Map          ->   M or G
  • Toggle Minimap ->  V

Play Rules of Survival Online:

You can Play Rule of Survival online in fullscreen with Clicking below Link.

Play ROS Online

So if you have any problem regarding playing this Ros game online then contact us I will help soon as possible.If you like our article then share it with your friends I hope your friends will like this game also.if you are getting ban from the game then follow this article How to Unban from ROS.

Play Rules of Survival Online – ROS Online
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