ROS Map Updated: Recently Rules of Survival team updated the full game In which Rules of Survival also updated, In the latest new Rules of Survival update Many new features are added which is explained below.All you know that rules of survival is multiplayer survival adventure game which was released on last of 2017.Now this game is trending everywhere. Rules of Survival has reached 100 million downloads worldwide! In just two months, RoS has topped the list of 48 countries, including the United States! And there are now over 15 million daily active players and 20 million total female players.This ROS is a similar game to PUBG game which is also Popular.Also, Check How to Download Rules of Survival On Mac operating system.
new updated map

Rules of Survival New Updated Map:

Rules of Survival will be launched worldwide.This latest Update includes a huge, brand new map – the Fearless Fiord, along with new sea, land, and air combat options etc. In this new map, Survivors can pilot brand new vehicles such as the hovership, truck, and the hang glider which is very popular. They can also use experience new interactive ziplines and landmines scattered across the map. In this Latest Update, we have also prepared many new and interesting firearms to use on Fearless Fiord. I hope this New update make game more interesting.Also, Check How to download ROS on PC.

New ROS Updated Map Features:

  • In this game added a brand new map – Fearless Fiord! This 64 square km(8*8) map will include various new areas, including swamps, gardens, and mines etc.
  • In this New, ROS Map added 300-player Solo mode to the new map Fearless Fiord, as well as a 120-player Squad Mode remain.
  • Some regions in new map (Fearless Fiord) will have randomly placed anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines. Players can easily see the trigger range of the mine on the ground in the map. If a player enters the trigger range, the mine will explode and cause damage to the player. Also, See Rules of Survival Tips & Tricks.
  • New ROS Updated Map also add firearms: ACR, AN94, VECTOR, MP5, P90, QBU88, M110, SAIGA-12, and WRO etc.

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How to Download New Updated Map of ROS:

You can easily Download Latest new map of rules of survival game by following given below step by step guide.

  1. Tap the Team mode button in the bottom right to switch the map which is above download logo.
  2. Now click on the Fearless fiord.Click on the Download link to download the New Map.
  3. Now your New Map downloading Start.If you want to play the game while downloading then you can still play old map Ghillie Island game without any problem.

Note: If you find any “network error” message when downloading the new map, survivors who had the problem, please inform us your country/device/ operating system/network type/Screenshots and other details to help us look into this issue.

4. If you map is Download then You can play the game in the new updated map.

So if you have any problem while downloading the latest updated map of ROS game then contact us I will try to help you, If you like our article then share it with your friends.I hope they will also like our article.Register & Login Guide of ROS.

ROS Map – Rules of Survival New Updated Map
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