Rules of Survival is Royal Battlefield Game.This game downloaded in 5 million plus.Today I am sharing with you top 5 tips and tricks to win the ROS game.In this game every player mission to kill other which are also available on that map.Rules of Survival is a Survival Adventure game.Which is released in last 2017.Now this game become popular everywhere.Many of player is failing to win the game.Because this Pubg like game is difficult.This game is released by the NetEase. This game is released for android and iPhone after that it was also released for pc. You can follow the Best Trick to win the game which is given below.Also Check, ROS for Windows 10

Top Tips and Tricks for ROS Game:

If you can follow these 5 tricks which are given below.You will always win the game.So keep in mind these 5 tips which explained.Also Play Rules of Survival Online.

1.Be the First one to Drop:

Landing first is extremely important, especially if there are other players competing for the same loot as you are. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the first Jump out of the plane – I am saying just the first one to get to a good landing spot before everybody else.Always go straight down towards the ground, as a rocket.

2.Always be on the move:

If you want to win the game then always moving Don’t Stop at one Place for Long time.If you are in open place if any enemy is shooting you then run with jump.Find place to hide yourself.

3.Pick Best Place to Drop:

You can select the Best Place to drop which is small.When you are air Dropping Always go on the Roof Because on the Roof you will get Guns and Granite Quickly.After that Go in the Room Always seeing here and there.And pick all the armour which is placed in the house.
best place to airdrops

4.Controls of ROS:

You can always set the control button according to your choice Which is suitable for you.Like WASD etc.If control is difficult then You cannot win the game.Best control, best work.Also, Check ROS for Mac Operating System.

5. Sound is Everything:

In this game Sound is everything Always use headphones because in headphones you can listen your enemy sound clearly.If your enemy is near you then you can hear a little sound like footsteps etc then follow the sound and see the enemy and kill them by saving yourself.Also, check Ros for iPhone Download.

6.Circle positioning and catching people running in:

In this game, circle is also very important role Always after some time Circle is decreasing.  people are often so scared of taking damage from the circle, So you can set your position the inverse of  Circle at Edge.The people which are damaging with circle they are coming toward circle with full speed by creating a lot of noise, Now you can set at the back of any tree, wall etc And when people are close to you shot him. Also, Check ROS Android APK.

7. Keep in Mind:

  • You can always pick good guns like Rifle & Shotgun which can shoot the enemy with 1,2 shot.
  • Always keep in a circle(You can check the Circle clicking on the map).
  • Always Close the Door when you Enter the Room.
  • Keep All Guns full.
  • Always use granite when 2 or More enemy come with near you.
  • When you are Playing Duo or 4,5 team game then Always go in the group.

So if you have any problems related this game then ask freely in comments I will try to help you.If you like our article ROS Tips & Tricks then shareit with your friends I hope Your friends will like our article.

Rules of Survival (ROS) Tips/Tricks & How to Win
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